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Start of High Point Woodworks

Updated: Dec 22, 2017

So, the question I usually get asked is 'What got you into woodworking?' When I was a kid, my dad used to do woodworking. He would make smaller household items, kitchen items, rocking horses, things like that, sometimes for other people, sometimes for our home, but always because he really enjoyed it. As I got old enough to learn, he would teach me things and I gained an appreciation of not only the art of making things, but how other people actually wanted us to make things for them.

Long story short, after many years and many moves, I was finally able to settle down and build a dedicated shop and follow through on the things I learned so long ago from my dad. Along with the basics, I taught myself about new techniques and new technologies in woodworking and started making wood signs...and, people actually liked them! So, for now, as a part time venture, High Point Woodworks was started making custom routed wood signs, and other custom items.

Due to time constraints, I'm currently doing occasional flea markets, craft fairs and vendor events, along with custom orders for customers. My hope is that things will evolve into a steady stream of production, but whatever direction things take, it will be the enjoyment of woodworking that will continue on.

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